What you should do before your cloud goes down

Boy, was that fun or what? When Amazon Web Services’ (AWS’) US-EAST-1 Region started having fits with its application programming interfaces (APIs) on Dec. 7, we found out just how much we all depend on AWS. (Even people who’d never heard of it knew something was wrong when their Disney+ and Netflix shows didn’t appear on TV, the new Roomba robot vacuum cleaner stopped cleaning, and those “smart” lights didn’t work—because they all rely on AWS.)

While that was annoying, it was much worse for the many companies who depend on AWS for their IT operations. Or for those who discovered that while they’d never given AWS one thin dime, many of the services they did pay for—Asana, Smartsheet, Trello, and Slack, to name a few—were built atop AWS.

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Source:: Computerworld