Don’t waste time reinventing the software wheel

I was talking to an old friend who was leaving tech journalism behind for a startup tech firm. Yay him! So, I asked what he’d be doing there first.

“Building a custom content management system (CMS),” he told me.

I then blurted out the first question that sprang to mind: “Why!?”

I mean, seriously, do you how many CMSes there are? By my count, there are well over 100. They come in all varieties: open-source, proprietary, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). And those are just the ones that are publicly available. If you count those that are custom-built, there are probably at least as many more.

This is insane. There is no reason on Earth for anyone to ever make another CMS from scratch. Sure, occasionally, there’s a real change, like the rise of headless CMSes, such as Strapi.

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Source:: Computerworld