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Nvidia re-envisions the metaverse as a collaboration platform

Disclosure:  Nvidia is a client of the author.

Nvidia’s GTC conference was once my favorite conference due to its focus on gaming; it has evolved to be my favorite conference for predicting the future. The Nvidia of today is so different from the company I first engaged with several decades ago that, were you to put them side by side, the older firm would look like a small subsidiary of today’s Nvidia.  

It’s gone from changing engineering and gaming to being the foundation for the coming metaverse. I wonder whether Nvidia should have changed its name to Meta rather than letting Facebook steal that tag. Nvidia is into advanced robotics, autonomous cars, planes, and chips (part of the recent IBM autonomous ship test), advanced AI, and even medical research (their Jetson module is used to analyze Genomics).  And that’s only a partial list.

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Source:: Computerworld