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NVIDIA Launches Teaching Kit for Edge AI and Robotics Educators

Logo of NVIDIA DLI robotics teaching kit

NVIDIA DLI, with two leading universities, released a new multimodule teaching kit for educators to teach the latest material on edge AI and robotics.

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Teaching Kit Program released a new course for university educators to teach the latest in edge AI and robotics.

The Edge AI and Robotics Teaching Kit is a collaborative effort between NVIDIA experts, a team from the University of Oxford, and the University of Maryland Baltimore College (UMBC). As the fifth release from DLI, the kit complements existing deep learning, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science Teaching Kits.

Kit content

Students will learn through a combination of lecture slides, hands-on labs, and teaching materials centered around edge computing, deep learning, Internet of Things, video analytics, and autonomous robotics.

The hands-on labs and coding exercises are run on Jetson Nano, exposing students to parallel computing and powerful embedded platforms used in many of the world’s most advanced robots and edge devices. This new kit explores areas and concepts not covered in the previous DLI Robotics Teaching Kit, which is now at end-of-life. 


There are six major modules in this Teaching Kit, starting with:

  • ​​​Module 1: Introduction to Edge AI​ 
  • ​​​​​Module 2: Vision Deep Neural Networks (DNNs​)
  • Module 3: Diversity, Ethics, and Security
  • Module 4: Autonomous Robotics

The last two modules will be available in a future release of the kit:

  • Module 5: Reinforcement Learning
  • Module 6: Natural Language Conversational AI

Learn more at GTC

At the virtual NVIDIA GTC this week, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about this new Teaching Kit for the first time. Principal Technical Marketing Engineer at NVIDIA, Dustin Franklin, along with faculty from the University of Oxford and UMBC will present highlights from the kit. This “Getting Started” session is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 9 at 7:00 AM EST and is available OnDemand post session.

Both Oxford and UMBC are already using the content in their curriculum.

“Codeveloping these materials with NVIDIA helped us expand our AI syllabus with PyTorch—a key deep learning computing framework. We also plan to integrate Jetson into other aspects of our syllabus. We look forward to working on the next release with NVIDIA to enable educators and classrooms worldwide with these important technologies,” said Ajit Jaokar. An AI Course Director at Oxford, Jaokar and his team collaborated on kit development.

“The content we developed has enabled UMBC to provide students with hands-on experience working with innovative, cutting-edge AI technology and world-class educational materials. We incorporated working versions of the content in our graduate course Data 690: Applied AI for Practitioners in Spring 2021,” said Adjunct Professor at UMBC, Patty Delafuente, whose team also helped create the Teaching Kit.

The contents of the kit are designed to teach students studying computer science, engineering, and other disciplines benefitting from edge AI and robotics courses. It can be taught to students ranging from first-year undergrads to third-year graduate students.

The Teaching Kit is freely available for educators as an open-source package to integrate into their courses and teaching curricula. Students are encouraged to ask their instructors to join the DLI Teaching Kit Program.


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