Introducing 34 new resource types in the CloudFormation Registry

Since our last update in August 2021, AWS CloudFormation Registry has expanded to include support for 34 new resource types (refer to the complete list below) between August and October 2021. A resource type includes schema (resource properties and handler permissions) and handlers that allow API interactions with the underlying AWS or third-party services. Customers can now configure, provision, and manage the lifecycle of these newly supported resources as part of their cloud infrastructure through CloudFormation, by treating the infrastructure as code. Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that 4 new AWS services added CloudFormation support on the day of launch. These services include: Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, Amazon OpenSearch Service, Amazon MemoryDB for Redis, and Amazon Connect Wisdom. CloudFormation now supports 165 AWS services spanning over 800 resource types, along with over 40 third-party resource types.

Source:: Amazon AWS