Amazon EBS Snapshots introduces a new tier, Amazon EBS Snapshots Archive, to reduce the cost of long-term retention of EBS Snapshots by up to 75%

Starting today, you can use Amazon EBS Snapshots Archive, a new tier for EBS Snapshots, to save up to 75% on storage costs for EBS Snapshots that you intend to retain for more than 90 days and rarely access. EBS Snapshots are incremental, storing only the changes since the last snapshot and making them cost effective for daily and weekly backups that need to be accessed frequently. You might also have snapshots that you access every few months or years and do not need fast access to data, such as snapshots created at the end of a project or snapshots that need to be retained long-term for regulatory reasons. For such use cases, you can now use EBS Snapshots Archive to store full, point-in-time snapshots at a storage cost of $0.0125/GB-month*. Snapshots in the archive tier have a minimum retention period of 90 days. Retrievals from the archive tier will incur a charge of $0.03/GB* of data transferred.

*us-east-1 pricing

Source:: Amazon AWS