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4 big ways to put Zoom apps to work

With many companies using Zoom as a primary way to connect remote workers over the past 18+ months, company meetings, strategy sessions, project discussions, and more moved to the videoconferencing platform — and so did a large chunk of business data and content. Organizations that have invested lots of money in other collaboration tools suddenly found themselves concerned with their ability to monitor, preserve, and access the data in Zoom for workflow, security, troubleshooting, or marketing purposes.

While Zoom has long offered integrations with hundreds of different tools that connect the services in various ways, such as by allowing you to launch a Zoom meeting from within another app, the company recently launched Zoom Apps, which bring certain aspects of other apps and services into Zoom meetings. It’s a bit confusing, especially when you visit the Zoom App Marketplace and find “Zoom Apps” listed as a category alongside more typical categories such as Analytics, Collaboration, and Productivity.

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Source:: Computerworld