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Windows 11 arrives: my initial impressions

Disclosure:  Microsoft is a client of the author.

I’m fascinated by the coverage of Windows 11, particularly when compared to the media circus that surrounded Windows 95. When it was released, folks were far too excited and bought it much too quickly— only to discover Microsoft had a lot to learn about releasing a complex OS. 

Windows 11 reflects lessons learned over the past three decades. I’m writing this on a Windows 11 machine I just built over the weekend. I had issues with initial compatibility because even though this system used 11th-generation Intel technology, getting Windows 11 to work on it was far more complex than a Windows 10 setup has ever been. (I build one or two systems every year.)  But the extra pain I endured showcases the shift between optimizing for usability and optimizing for security, which sadly reflects the world we live in now. 

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Source:: Computerworld