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Varjo and a better approach to VR-based collaboration

Given how many of us who’ve had long business careers hate conference room meetings, it’s fascinating how much effort is going on now to re-create them in virtul reality (VR). Granted, innnovation generally focuses first on emulating the known with new technology. Still, you’d think we’d recognize that the conference room meeting model has traditionally been more of a drag on productivity than a benefit. (And many of us long ago learned how to quietly work during those meetings, so they don’t become  such a time-suck. 

Varjo, which currently has the top business-focused VR solution in the market, recently showcased (with partners Phiaro Corp. and LP-Research) a far better approach to focused collaboration.  While it’s targeted at the automotive market, I think the idea has broader implications. This particular concept is a VR automobile that allows for virtual collaboration, creating a unique blend of physical and virtual attributes that can significantly speed up the automotive design process.

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Source:: Computerworld