Make your own promotional videos the easy way

Smart phones, webcams, and YouTube have made it simple for anyone to record and share video. But adapting your visual creations for business purposes isn’t so easy.

If you want to overlay text, add background music, splice in B-roll, or add slide shows to your message, you’ll need to load your recording into a desktop or cloud editor and monkey with the controls, which are unique to each platform and are less than intuitive, in my experience. And let’s be honest, most of us haven’t a clue how to create a compelling video in the first place.

The Zoomification of business has made video such a mainstream medium that learning how to tame it can boost anyone’s career, but most of us are just getting started. Vidyard’s recently released State of Virtual Selling report found that 72% of the sales professionals it surveyed classify their video recording and editing skills as either “beginning” or “emerging.”

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Source:: Computerworld