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eSignature Workflows Accelerate Growth

A personal signature is an essential indicator of assent and approval, required for business transactions of all kinds. But as the world digitises, a signature inscribed with pen on paper has become a productivity bottleneck. Printing, signing, and storing paper forms, then scanning and saving them as digital files, wastes time, money, and effort. Hence the need for electronic, authenticated, and legally binding eSignatures.

Having established a foothold in business workflows, eSignatures have taken on greater importance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The prevalence of remote work has amplified the necessity to sign documents electronically in workflows that include participants in a wide variety of locations. Post-pandemic, remote work is expected to subside just slightly, continuing at a much higher level than before COVID. That is expected to keep the need high for eSignature technology as team members approve purchases, sign contracts with suppliers, and execute HR and other internal business documents.

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Source:: Computerworld