Cisco moves Webex toward a collaboration lead

Disclosure: most vendors mentioned are clients of the author.

I’ve consistently said that videoconferencing firms who position their software as collaboration products aren’t really collaborative.  They don’t allow you to easily loop in what workers are collaborating on and seem more focused on virtualizing meetings than anything else.  In addition, the hardware won’t work seamlessly with the three major videoconferencing services. (You generally have to reboot the hardware to shift between platforms.) 

Can you imagine having to reboot your smartphone if use AT&T and get a call from someone on T-Mobile or Verizon?

This week, Cisco moved to tackle both issues and trumpet its true advantage: It is the only major videoconferencing vendor that is a also telephony vendor. That’s allowed it to start  to work advanced telephony features into what it offers.  So while I would have said last week that Cisco is the last of the three major providers, I think it jumped into the lead with its announcements at this week’s WebexOne 2021 event

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Source:: Computerworld