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AWS CDK releases v1.121.0 – v1.125.0 with features for faster development cycles using hotswap deployments and rollback control

During September, 2021, 5 new versions of the AWS Cloud Development Kit  (CDK) for JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, .NET and Go were released (v1.121.0 through v.125.0). With these releases, the CDK CLI now has support for hotswap deployments for faster inner-loop development iterations on the application code in your CDK project. Hotswap initially supports AWS Lambda handler code, but support is planned for additional resource types and a “watch” mode which continually watches for changes and deploys any updates. Additionally, users can preserve successfully provisioned resources by disabling automatic stack rollbacks, further reducing deployment and iteration time. These releases also resolve 21 issues and introduce 40 new features that span over 30 different modules across the library. Many of these changes were contributed by the developer community.

Source:: Amazon AWS