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Async video messaging: Another route to productive remote work

Video meetings proved crucial for connecting remote workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, replicating face-to-face conversations even when offices were shuttered. But these real-time communications have drawbacks, too, with remote workers facing schedules packed with back-to-back video meetings and trying to catch colleagues who may be several time zones away.

As a result, a growing number of collaboration software vendors are now touting “asynchronous” (or async) video messaging as an option to help make workplace communication less demanding. The idea is that rather than scheduling a video call, colleagues can pre-record a short video (or audio) message to send to colleagues who can watch the clip whenever it’s convenient. This is particularly useful for distributed teams in different time zones, avoiding the need to arrange meetings at awkward times, and for staffers with flexible schedules.

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Source:: Computerworld