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Amazon EC2 now offers Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft Windows Server 2022 AMIs

Amazon EC2 now adds 8 new Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with SQL Server 2019 and 2017 on Windows Server 2022. With these AWS managed AMIs, customers can launch SQL Server on Windows Server 2022 and take full advantage of the latest Windows features on AWS. The AMIs are available in four editions – Enterprise, Standard, Web, and Express. See the list below.

* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2019_Enterprise
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2019_Standard
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2019_Web
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2019_Express
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2017_Enterprise
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2017_Standard
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2017_Web
* Windows_Server-2022-English-Full-SQL_2017_Express

Source:: Amazon AWS