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3 fantastic ways Notion can make you more efficient

You’d think a service designed to improve your efficiency would be delightfully easy to embrace.

That is absolutely not the case with Notion. Notion, which bills itself as an “all-in-one workspace,” is about as overwhelming as can be at first glance. The app just does so many things that it’s damn-near impossible to know where to begin. And that makes it all too tempting to simply give up and walk away.

I should know: I’ve done that myself — a few times, in fact. I danced around the, erm, notion of using Notion for months before I ever actually dove in. Every time, I’d poke around a little, find myself nodding and making thoughtful “hm!” sounds with every intriguing new possibility I encountered (as one does), and then realizing I had no earthly idea what to do next.

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Source:: Computerworld