Amazon ElastiCache now supports M6g and R6g Graviton2-based instances in additional regions

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis and Memcached now supports Graviton2 M6g and R6g instance families in additional regions: South America (Sao Paulo), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Seoul), Europe (London, Stockholm), North America (Montreal), US East (GovCloud US East), US West (GovCloud US West), and mainland China (Ningxia, Beijing). Customers choose Amazon ElastiCache for workloads that require blazing-fast performance with sub-millisecond latency and high throughput. Now, with Graviton2 M6g and R6g instances, customers can enjoy up to a 45% price/performance improvement over previous generation instances. Graviton2 instances are now the default choice for Amazon ElastiCache customers.

Source:: Amazon AWS