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What’s in the latest Firefox update? 91 nixes more cookies, gives nod to HTTPS by default

Mozilla on Tuesday refreshed Firefox to version 91, enhancing its cookie-clearing to more thoroughly scrub the browser of trackers, and beginning to make the HTTPS-only setting the default, starting with Private Windows.

The organization’s security engineers also patched 11 vulnerabilities, eight tagged as “High,” Firefox’s second-most-serious label. Two of the flaws were found only in the Linux edition of the browser, while another existed in the Android version only.

Firefox 91 can be downloaded for Windows, macOS, and Linux from Mozilla’s site. Because Firefox updates in the background, most users can relaunch the browser to install the latest version. To manually update on Windows, pull up the menu under the three horizontal bars at the upper right, then click the help icon (the question mark within a circle). Choose “About Firefox.” (On macOS, “About Firefox” can be found under the “Firefox” menu.) The resulting page or pop-up shows that the browser is already up to date or displays the upgrade process.

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Source:: Computerworld