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What’s going on with the ‘Great Resignation’?

Well, that was different.

Last night on my way home from a rare “In Real Life” meeting, I stopped at a McDonald’s to grab a quick Quarter Pounder. The manager got on the loudspeaker and told me they were already closed… at 7 p.m. It turns out his head cook had just quit, and two other staffers hadn’t shown up.

Welcome to the 2021 job world.

Of course, restaurants large and small have been especially hard-hit this year. After decades of poor pay—in North Carolina, the minimum wage for tipped employees is still $2.13 per hour—and no work at all for many food-service workers during the pandemic, restaurant staffers have had enough. But it’s not just burger flippers or a white tablecloth maître d’ who’ve had enough. It’s almost everyone.

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Source:: Computerworld