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What is Trello? A guide to Atlassian’s collaboration and work management tool

Trello is a collaborative work management app designed to track team projects, highlight tasks underway, shoe who they are assigned to, and detail progress towards completion.

At its core, Trello relies on the principles of Kanban project boards to visualize workflows, providing managers and team members with a simple overview of a project from start to finish.

Trello’s key components are boards, lists, and cards.

Boards are the starting point, and typically focus on an over-arching project such as launching a new website, or process-based tasks, such as on-boarding an employee. Within each board, several lists can be created to indicate the progress of a project; “to do,” “in progress,” and “done” lists are common examples. Individual cards within the lists hold information on a specific task and can be moved from list to list as needed (such as when a task is completed).

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Source:: Computerworld