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Triggered by email? Some thoughts on how to stay safe

I got an email the other day, and it was nearly impossible for me to tell at first whether it was legitimate. Given that some vulnerabilities can gain access to your system if you merely preview an email in Outlook, I get nervous. But I do need to determine when an email is safe.

First and foremost, a healthy dose of skepticism is important. Always ask yourself whether the platform you’re using is patched and ready to fend off attacks. If, for instance, you’re still using a version of Outlook that’s no longer supported, you are at risk; never open an unexpected email in an unpatched Office suite. You’re better off migrating to a newer email client that offers better protection. There are many third-party email clients that can be useful alternatives to Outlook. Thunderbird, eM Client, and Mailbird are three options I’ve found to be good — if you simply need light email and calendaring.

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Source:: Computerworld