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The most important Gboard enhancement you can make on Android

Crack your phalanges and limber up your tendons, my fellow Android-adoring animal: We’re about to make a tiny but tremendously significant change to your Android keyboard setup. I josh you not — I don’t even arnold you, in fact: With a whopping 30 seconds of setup, this quick switcheroo will make you about five times faster at tapping out text on your fancy phone’s screen.

“Why, Mr. Writer Person, how could this possibly save me that much time?” you might be wondering — along with, perhaps, “Mr. Writer Person, what in the world happened to your brain that causes you to have formal conversations with yourself in the middle of keyboard-focused columns?” Well, Jasper, we’ll answer at least one of those questions now. (The other, I’m afraid, can’t be answered without the help of an entire team of highly trained psychoanalysts.)

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Source:: Computerworld