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The best person to manage your organization’s data may be you

Over the past couple of decades, enterprises have pushed decision-making lower in the organization, in the belief that the best decision-makers should be those closest to customers and products. At the same time, the digital transformation wave has convinced nearly everybody that decisions should be data-driven.

Unfortunately, in most companies, decision support information remains locked up in something called a data warehouse, which is essentially a giant centralized database tended by teams of data scientists and engineers.

The process of getting useful information into and out of that central resource can be painfully long, as data engineers validate, cleanse, and whip records into shape. By the time you get an answer to your question, that question may not even be meaningful anymore. And the people charged with tending that data and getting you answers are detached from your business unit, making them poorly qualified to understand the context of your request.

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Source:: Computerworld