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Rethinking the smartphone for collaboration — or the PC for voice

(Disclosure: most of the companies mentioned are clients of the author.)

I started in telephony in the 1980s at IBM’s ROLM division and had responsibility for competitive analysis on the PC-based phones being developed there. The market wanted an integrated offering that blended voice communication with computing. Despite tools like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams and efforts like Dell’s and Microsoft’s to put smartphone screens on PCs, four decades later we have yet to embrace the merger fully. 

After the collapse of all of the computer/PBX companies, the only US company that is capable of doing this today is Qualcomm. This week the company presented on its PC platform, which was designed to address connectivity and battery life, pain points that existed well before the pandemic. The company covered the advantages of battery life measured in days, the security and availability that come with an always-on WAN network connection, and the additional weight and flexibility benefits of its technology.

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Source:: Computerworld