Modernizing a familiar approach to REST APIs, with PostgreSQL and Cloudflare Workers

Modernizing a familiar approach to REST APIs, with PostgreSQL and Cloudflare Workers

, we can interact with a PostgREST endpoint from inside our Workers function, using simple JS-based primitives.

By the way — if you haven’t built a REST API with Workers yet, check out our free video course with Egghead: “Building a Serverless API with Cloudflare Workers”.

Scaling applications built on Postgres is an incredibly common problem that developers face. Often, this means duplicating your Postgres database and distributing reads between your primary database, and a fleet of “read replicas”. With PostgREST and Workers, we can begin to explore a different approach to solving the scaling problem. Workers’ unique architecture allows us to deploy hyper-performant functions in front of Postgres databases. With tools like Workers KV and Durable Objects, exposed in Workers as basic JavaScript APIs, we can build intelligent caches for our databases, without sacrificing performance or developer experience.

If you’d like to learn more about building REST APIs in Cloudflare Workers using PostgREST, check out our new tutorial! We’ve also provided two open-source libraries to help you get started. cloudflare/postgres-postgrest-cloudflared-example helps you set up a Cloudflare Tunnel-backed Postgres + PostgREST endpoint. postgrest-worker-example is an example of using postgrest-js inside of Cloudflare Workers, to build REST APIs with your Postgres databases.

With postgrest-js, you can build dynamic queries and request data from your database using the JS primitives you know and love:

// Get all users with at least 100 followers
const { data: users, error } = await client
.gte('followers', 100)

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