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Microsoft preps enterprises for 8-week ‘Extended Stable’ version of Edge

Microsoft has begun prepping enterprises that may want to switch to an optional slower release cadence for the company’s Edge browser.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Edge, which relies on the same core Chromium technologies as Google’s Chrome, would follow that rival in shortening the interval between releases to four weeks. (Prior to the announcement, Chrome and Edge updated every six to eight weeks.)

The first in the four-week cycle will be version 94 of both Chrome and Edge. Google plans to debut Chrome 94 on Sept. 21 with the follow-on v. 95 appearing Oct. 19. Meanwhile, Microsoft will launch Edge 94 on Sept. 23 and Edge 95 on Oct. 21. (Microsoft has gotten into the habit of releasing the same-numbered Edge two days after the comparable Chrome upgrade.)

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Source:: Computerworld