Introducing 79 new resource types in the CloudFormation Registry

Since our last update in March 2021, AWS CloudFormation has expanded the CloudFormation Registry to support 79 new resource types between April and July 2021 (see the complete list at the end of this post). A resource type includes schema (resource properties and handler permissions) and handlers that control API interactions with the underlying AWS or third-party services. Out of these 79, AWS has published 56 and AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners have 23. Customers can now configure, provision, and manage these newly supported resources through CloudFormation in a predictable and reliable way. Among the AWS resources, we are pleased to announce that 8 new AWS services added launch day CloudFormation support. These services include: Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS), Amazon Nimble Studio, AWS IoT Device Management, Amazon FinSpace, Amazon Fraud Detector, Amazon Location Services, AWS App Runner, and Amazon Lookout for Equipment. CloudFormation now supports 775 AWS resource types across 160 AWS services.

Source:: Amazon AWS