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Don’t waste time on heroic death marches

I’m a workaholic. I typically work from 50 to 60 hours per week, and I’ve been doing it for decades now. Don’t be like me. Yes, for me it works well, but I’m wired that way. If I’m breathing, I’m researching, reading, or writing. Most people aren’t like me, and trying to get your staff to be that way doesn’t work out well for them, your company, or your projects either.

I was recently reminded that many bosses think the only way to get work done is by forcing their employees to work overtime or to push them into trying to finish projects without enough time. What jogged my memory was a tweet from Hadi Partovi, CEO of, in which he fondly recalled how Microsoft pushed out Internet Explorer 3 to combat Netscape during the 90s’ web browser wars.  

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Source:: Computerworld