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Amazon Rekognition improves the accuracy of celebrity recognition, adds new attributes

Amazon Rekognition is a machine learning (ML) based service that can analyze images and videos to detect objects, people, faces, text, scenes, activities, and inappropriate content. Celebrity Recognition makes it easy for customers to automatically recognize tens of thousands of well-known personalities in images and videos using ML. Celebrity recognition significantly reduces the repetitive manual effort required to tag produced media content and make it readily searchable. Starting today, customers can get higher accuracy (lower false detections and rejections) and increased coverage of global celebrities. In addition, customers get three new attributes for each celebrity recognized: presentation of gender, expression, and smile. This metadata helps further refine content search and filtering workflows. For example, customers can now easily search for images where a particular actor is smiling, or measure the coverage of female versus male celebrities in event photos to ensure fair representation.

Source:: Amazon AWS