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Amazon Connect now provides an improved chatbot building experience, powered by Amazon Lex V2 console and APIs

Amazon Connect now makes it easier for customers to build, deploy, and manage chatbots using the enhanced Amazon Lex V2 console and APIs. Amazon Lex allows customers to create intelligent chatbots that turn their Amazon Connect contact flows into natural conversations. Amazon Lex V2 console and API enhancements include: 1) support for multiple languages in a simple bot and the ability to manage them as a single resource through the life cycle (build, test, and deploy), 2) ability for end-users to request a bot to wait (“Can you wait while I get my credit card?”), and interrupt a bot in mid-sentence, 3) simplified bot versioning, and 4) new productivity features such as support for saving partially completed bots, bulk upload of sample utterances, and navigation via a dynamic ‘Conversation flow’ for more flexibility and control in the bot design process. For more details on Amazon Lex V2, see the “Amazon Lex introduces an enhanced console experience and V2 APIs” blog post.

Source:: Amazon AWS