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This clever Chrome collaboration tool deserves your attention

I’m always on the hunt for interesting new tools that can make our lives a little easier, and my goodness, have I ever got something that fits that bill today.

It’s a new add-on for Chrome that gives you a super-simple way to share anything on your screen with anyone and show ’em exactly what’s on your mind. And best of all? You don’t have to hop on a video call to do it. It’s asynchronous communication, as the cool kids like to say these days. Translated out of geek-speak, that means “a much less annoying way to get stuff done.”

The program is called Bubbles, and it’s one of those things that feels like such a smart and sensible addition to Chrome, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t already built in as a native browser feature. Don’tcha just love coming across creations like that?

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Source:: Computerworld