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The most important Chrome OS feature of 2021 isn’t coming from Google

Well, I’ll be. For all the new features and shape-shifting updates Google’s constantly cookin’ up for its Chrome OS platform, the most eye-opening Chromebook change of the year isn’t even coming from within Google’s walls.

In fact, it’s coming from one of Google’s biggest, fiercest competitors — a company that’d very much like to see Chromebooks fizzle out and fade away.

Don’t you just love inadvertent irony?

The change of which we speak stems from a recent announcement by Microsoft — yes, Microsoft! — and it technically has nothing to do with Chrome OS at all, even. In fact, amidst all the chatter about what the change means for Microsoft and its world of Windows, I haven’t seen anyone so much as mention the potential significance here in the land o’ Chrome OS computers.

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Source:: Computerworld