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Pandemic redux: No, your workers aren’t coming back to the office

Listen, I know you want to turn the clock back. I want to turn the clock back, too. We all want to turn the clock back and change the world so that Covid-19 never came along. We can’t do it — nor can we pretend anymore that we’re over the coronavirus pandemic. We’re not. And that means work isn’t going back to “normal”— whatever normal means now — either.

We could see this coming. Too many Americans have not yet been vaccinated (and too many people outside the United States can’t even get the vaccine). What really drove this home for me was when my fellow journalist Violet Blue, who’s been covering the coronavirus like paint, shared that the virus in San Francisco, as of mid-July 2021, has an R rating of 1.66. That’s not Missouri, not Alabama, not the other hotbeds of virus disbelief — it’s the San Francisco Bay area.

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Source:: Computerworld