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Getting ready for 21H2 (and maybe Windows 11)

Microsoft recently announced it’s getting ready to test and release Windows 10, version 21H2. The features included in the release are mostly geared towards businesses, and include:

New WPA3 H2E (Hash to element) standards for enhanced Wi-Fi security. In 2019, researchers used a side-channel attack to steal a WPA3 password. This standard increases security against current and future side-channel attacks.
A new deployment method for Windows Hello for Business that Microsoft calls “Cloud Trust.” It supports simplified passwordless deployments and “get to deployed state” within minutes.
GPU compute support in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Azure IoT Edge for Linux on Windows (EFLOW) deployments for machine learning and other CPU intensive workflows. This enables the graphics card to “to accelerate math-heavy workloads and uses its parallel processing to complete the required calculations faster, in many cases, than utilizing only a CPU.”

Microsoft indicated that users will see a routine deployment and servicing process and it’s expected to be a relatively quick installation. I still highly recommend that if you have Windows 10 on any computer, be sure you have an SSD as your main hard drive. If you use old-fashioned IDE drives, you will have a less-than-ideal experience with Windows 10.

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Source:: Computerworld