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Expanding Cloudflare to 25+ Cities in Brazil

Expanding Cloudflare to 25+ Cities in Brazil

Today, we are excited to announce an expansion we’ve been working on behind the scenes for the last two years: a 25+ city partnership with one of the largest ISPs in Brazil. This is one of the largest simultaneous single-country expansions we’ve done so far.

With this partnership, Brazilians throughout the country will see significant improvement to their Internet experience. Already, the 25th-percentile latency of non-bot traffic (we use that measure as an approximation of physical distance from our servers to end users) has dropped from the mid-20 millisecond range to sub-10 milliseconds. This benefit extends not only to the 25 million Internet properties on our network, but to the entire Internet with Cloudflare services like .

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Source:: CloudFlare