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DDoS attack trends for 2021 Q2

DDoS attack trends for 2021 Q2

Recent weeks have witnessed massive ransomware and ransom DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack campaigns that interrupted aspects of critical infrastructure around the world, including one of the largest petroleum pipeline system operators, and one of the world’s biggest meat processing companies. Earlier this quarter, more than 200 organizations across Belgium, including the government and parliament websites and other services, were

At Cloudflare, our teams have been exceptionally busy this past quarter rapidly onboarding (onto our Magic Transit service) a multitude of new and existing customers that have either received a ransom letter or were under an active DDoS attack.

One such customer is Hypixel Inc, the development studio behind the world’s largest Minecraft minigame server. With over 24M total unique logins to date and a world record 216,000+ concurrent players on PC, the Hypixel team works hard to add value to the experience of millions of players across the globe.

The gaming industry is often subject to some of the largest volumetric DDoS attacks — and as a marquee brand, Hypixel attracts more than its fair share. Uptime and high performance are fundamental to the functioning of Hypixel’s servers. Any perceived downtime or noticeable lag could result in an exodus of gamers.

When Hypixel was under a massive DDoS attack campaign, they turned to Cloudflare to extend their services with Cloudflare to include Magic Transit, Cloudflare’s BGP-based DDoS protection service for network infrastructure. After rapidly onboarding them overnight, Cloudflare was automatically able to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks targeting their network — several of which were well over 620 Gbps. The DDoS attack comprised mostly TCP floods and UDP amplification attacks. In the graph, the various colors represent the multiple Cloudflare systems that contribute to detecting and mitigating the multi-vector attack — emphasising the value of our multi-layered DDoS approach.

Even as attack patterns changed in real-time, Magic Transit shielded Hypixel’s network. In fact, because all their clean traffic routed over Cloudflare’s high performing low-latency network, Hypixel’s users noticed no change in gamer experience — even during an active volumetric DDoS attack.

During the attack campaign, Cloudflare automatically detected and mitigated over 5,000 DDoS attacks: 53% were ACK floods, 39% were UDP-based attacks and 8% SYN floods.

We had several attacks of well over 620 Gbps with no impact at all on our players. Their gaming experience remained uninterrupted and fast, thanks to Cloudflare Magic Transit.”
Simon Collins-Laflamme, CEO, Hypixel Inc.

Hypixel’s journey with Cloudflare began with them employing Cloudflare Spectrum to help protect their gaming infrastructure against DDoS attacks. As their user base grew, they adopted additional Cloudflare products to bolster the robustness and resilience of all of their critical infrastructure. Today, they use multiple Cloudflare products including CDN, Rate Limiting, Spectrum, Argo Smart Routing, and Load Balancing to build and secure infrastructure that provides gamers around the world the real-time gaming experiences they need.

Get holistic protection against cyber attacks of any kind

DDoS attacks constitute just one facet of the many cyber threats organizations are facing today. As businesses shift to a Zero Trust approach, network and security buyers will face larger threats related to network access, and a continued surge in the frequency and sophistication of bot-related and ransomware attacks.

A key design tenet while building products at Cloudflare is integration. Cloudflare One is a solution that uses a Zero Trust security model to provide companies a better way to protect devices, data, and applications — and is deeply integrated with our existing platform of security and DDoS solutions.

In fact, Cloudflare offers an integrated solution that comprises an all-star cast featuring the following to name a few:

  • DDoS: LEADER in Forrester Wave™ for DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q1 20211
  • WAF: Cloudflare is a CHALLENGER in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewall (receiving the highest placement in the ‘Ability to Execute’)2
  • Zero Trust: Cloudflare is a LEADER in the Omdia Market Radar: Zero-Trust Access Report, 20203
  • Web protection: Innovation leader in the Global Holistic Web Protection Market for 2020 by Frost & Sullivan4

Cloudflare’s global (and growing) network is uniquely positioned to deliver DDoS protection and other security, performance, and reliability services with unparalleled scale, speed, and smarts.

To learn more about Cloudflare’s DDoS solution contact us or get started.


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Source:: CloudFlare