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Announcing support for JOIN operation in AWS IoT Analytics Data Stores

AWS IoT Analytics now supports JOIN operation on AWS IoT Analytics data stores, enabling customers to combine data from two or more AWS IoT Analytics data stores based on a common attribute between them. Customers can now create a AWS IoT SiteWise data backed AWS IoT Analytics data store and join it with other S3 backed AWS IoT Analytics data stores to discover insights about their industrial assets such as viewing properties and relationships between various AWS IoT SiteWise assets, run statistical queries on AWS IoT SiteWise and S3 data, and perform advanced analytics. You can use this feature to create an AWS IoT Analytics SQL query data set that uses a join operation (inner join, left, right and full outer join, self join and cross join ) to combine two or more customer managed AWS IoT Analytics data stores and AWS IoT SiteWise managed data stores on a join condition using attribute names that exist in both data stores.

Source:: Amazon AWS