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Simple, secure IT Procurement – putting the power into the hands of the employee

Future ways of work – hybrid working

It’s become clear now that many businesses are planning on keeping the home office open for their employees in what we expect to be a ‘hybrid’ model with time being split between the office and home. Companies are looking for their employees to be “hyper-productive at home” and “hyper collaborative in the office”. With this in mind, businesses need to seek new, permanent solutions to define their ’future ways of work’ strategies.

Emerging Technology – IT self-service portals

Emerging technologies have been developed and brought to the market during the pandemic to support businesses on their digital transformation journeys. One such technology is the emergence of IT self-service portals. Self-service technology in itself is not a new concept. After all, vending machines, pay at pump, and ATMs are all ‘self-service’ in some way shape or form. An IT self-service portal however, is a piece of online software that allows your employees to order their own pre-defined, security-approved devices, report incidents, order replacement hardware, and much more.

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Source:: Computerworld