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Should your business upgrade to Windows 11?

If you watched—or tried to watch—Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay’s intro for Windows 11, “What’s Next for Windows,” on June 24, you knew this wasn’t going well from minute one. The streaming was abysmal, a presentation flop that was no way to introduce what’s really just a facelift for Windows 10.

Of course, Microsoft officials said Windows 11 will be the most secure Windows version ever. But how many times do they have to repeat this bogus claim? I think the first time I heard it was with Windows 1.02 in 1986, which only shipped in Europe. Why not Windows 1.01? It couldn’t have been Windows 1.01, because Windows 1.0 never actually made it to market because of—shocker!—bugs. 

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Source:: Computerworld