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Nvidia Omniverse: Could it make today’s videoconferencing apps obsolete?

Disclosure: Nvidia is a client of the author.

This week, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang met with a bunch of analysts to talk about his Computex announcements, which weren’t as noteworthy as something he said at the end of his presentation. Jensen positioned Omniverse the same way he’d presented autonomous driving 20 years ago — as a worldwide game-changer.  Jensen was right about autonomous technology, which is redefining almost every form of transportation. And I think he is likely right again now. 

I think it is important because I doubt any of the videoconferencing vendors have this on their radar, yet it could make most, if not all, of their platforms obsolete. So let’s look at Omniverse and why it could make every videoconferencing product currently on the market obsolete.

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Source:: Computerworld