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Changing PC and support requirements – the IT experts have their say

The events of 2020 have transformed IT priorities and operations. IDG’s 2021 State of the CIO report found that 82% of IT leaders had implemented new technologies, IT strategies or methodologies in response to the pandemic, while 81% had increased their focus on IT innovation to accommodate remote work.

But what has this meant for workers and the PCs they rely on, not to mention hard-working IT teams? To find out, we spoke to technology influences and experts and asked them: has the transformation of the IT landscape changed what employees need from their PCs, and how are businesses supporting them in the new hybrid working era?

One thing the accelerated shift to remote working has done is highlight the weakness of IT strategies that didn’t prioritize mobility and agility before. Scott Schober, President and CEO of Berkely Varitronics Systems, Inc. argues that “the pandemic created overnight requirements for most workforces to adapt to a remote learning and working environment.” This disrupted supply chains and chip shortages left some businesses scrambling for whatever they could get.

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Source:: Computerworld