This smart new service brings Google Docs, Trello, and Notion together — in your inbox

It’s pretty rare that I stumble onto a new service and think, “Whoa! This is exactly what I’ve been missing. And I didn’t even know I was missing it.”

Well, my fellow efficiency-obsessed earthlings, I’m ecstatic to report that that magnificent moment just happened — and the service in question is a little somethin’ called Hitsnag.

Hitsnag? Hitsnag. (I’m assuming that’s meant to be read as “hit-SNAG” and not “hits-NAG,” but I’ll leave that up to your own interpretation.) The service may sound like a funky-lookin’ protrusion you’d go to the dermatologist to get removed, but don’t let its name fool you: Hitsnag is an incredibly clever way to connect some of your favorite productivity tools to your inbox and make ’em more useful than ever. If you’re familiar with the app-connecting automation platform Zapier, it’s kinda like that — only it exists entirely in email, without any extra apps to open or complicated processes to configure.

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Source:: Computerworld