Tech wages: Women, minorities still paid less in 2020

For tech workers, it’s a case of bad news, good news.

An analysis of more than 10,000 tech firms’ hiring data shows that women and racial minorities are still paid less for the same jobs than their white male counterparts — but the gap in wages is narrowing.

Gay, lesbian, and transgender workers do better than their straight counterparts, both as candidates and employees, and being multiracial seems to boost a person’s chances of landing a job interview.

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The anonymized data comes from the tech-jobs marketplace’s corporate clients and its 245,000 job-seekers, plus a survey of more than 2,000 tech employees.’s clients are all technology firms, and the jobs cover a broad range of functions, including technology and IT roles such as developers and engineers, and business roles such as sales associates, admins, and product managers.

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Source:: Computerworld