EC2 High Memory instances with up to 12TB of memory are now available in two additional regions with On-Demand and Savings Plan purchase options

Starting today, Amazon EC2 High Memory Instances with 6TB, 9TB, and 12TB of memory (u-6tb1.56xlarge, u-6tb1.112xlarge, u-9tb1.112xlarge, and u-12tb1.112xlarge) are available in US West (Oregon) and AWS GovCloud (US-West) regions. The global availability of these new instances now includes US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), AWS GovCloud (US-West), Europe (Ireland, Frankfurt), and Asia Pacific (Singapore) AWS regions. Customers can start using these new High Memory instances with OD and Savings Plan purchase options. For more information, visit the Amazon EC2 High Memory page.

Source:: Amazon AWS