10 helpful iPhone tips to use at work

Building back better (as US President Joe Biden might put it), exploring the new normal, and rolling out the digital transformation of all we do at work takes time. These iPhone tips may help you save a little time along the way so you can focus on those larger issues.

Send your location

Messages has a useful trick. If someone drops you a text asking where you are, just do this:

Start typing “I’m at” and look at what pops up in the Siri Suggestions bar underneath the text input section: Current Location. Tap this to send your contact your location pinned to a map. This is very useful when you’re trying to meet.

Share your business contacts

You can share the details of any contact record from inside the Contacts app, so why not create a shareable business card? Open Contacts, tap the Plus sign and create a new contact record for you and your business. When you want to share it, just open Contacts, access the record, tap Share Contact and choose how you want to share the card.

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Source:: Computerworld