Skimping on drive space means Windows 10 update woes

Whenever I get to the time of the year that a Windows 10 feature update is about to come out, I use it as a sign that I need to take stock of my computer systems. Last week I talked about how 16GB is my new bare minimum of RAM when I am purchasing any computer.

But what about the hard drive?

32 gigs? Don’t make me laugh

First off, let’s put something to rest: To Microsoft and any computer vendor that thought — or still thinks — that a computer with less than 100GB of storage is viable to run Windows, I say think again. Those notebooks that had Windows 10 squeezed onto 32GB were never serviceable. The only way you were ever able to get to the next feature release on those computers was to connect an external hard drive to the unit and install the upgrade from there.

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Source:: Computerworld