Announcing Cloudflare’s Database Partners

Announcing Cloudflare’s Database Partners

Announcing Cloudflare’s Database Partners

Cloudflare Workers is the easiest way for developers to deploy their application’s code with performance, scale and security baked in. No configuration necessary. Worker code scales to serve billions of requests close to your users across Cloudflare’s 200+ data centers.

But that’s not the only interesting problem we need to solve. Every application has two parts: code and state.

State isn’t always the easiest to work in a massive distributed system. When an application runs in 200+ data centers simultaneously, there’s an inherent tradeoff between distributing the data for better performance, availability, scale, and guaranteeing that all data centers see the same data at a given point in time.

Our goal is to make state at the edge seamless. We started that journey with Workers KV, which provides low-latency access to globally distributed data. We’re since added Durable Objects, with strong consistency and the ability to design coordination patterns on top of Workers. We’re continuing to invest in and build out these products.

However, some use cases aren’t easily implemented with Workers KV or Durable Objects. Think querying complex datasets, or communicating with an existing system-of-record. Even if we built this functionality ourselves, there will always be customers who want to use a different tool for data storage and access.

Today, we’re making our data strategy clear so that developers can build on Workers with confidence. First, we’re announcing a partnership with two distributed data companies, Macrometa and Fauna, to help developers choose an edge-first database when they build a new application on Workers. Next, we’ve introduced tutorials and guides for databases that already support HTTP connections to make connecting to existing databases even easier.

With this, the Workers runtime is the easiest way to handle both parts of your application that matter: code and state.

Announcing Cloudflare’s Database Partners

Cloudflare is excited to announce a partnership for global data with Macrometa. Macrometa provides a serverless data platform for developers to build rich, geo-distributed, stateful applications on the edge with Cloudflare Workers. The Macrometa Global Data Network (GDN) is an ultra-fast, globally replicated noSQL database with integrated features for search, pub/sub, streams, and stream processing.

Macrometa complements Cloudflare Workers by enabling stateful functions to run, store, query, mutate, and serve data globally with local read/write latencies. Tables replicate across Macrometa’s global data centers with configurable consistency and without additional code, cost, or complexity. Data calls between Workers and Macrometa are automatically routed and served from the closest Macrometa region relative to the Cloudflare Worker invocation. We have seen that end-to-end latency for a database request from a client to the edge and back is

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