Android 11 Upgrade Report Card: Well, this is awkward

I’ve been closely monitoring how different Android device-makers do with post-sales software support for something like 97 years now, I think — and every year around this time, I brace myself for a brutal discovery.

Here’s the thing: Six months after a major operating system’s release, most phones should be running that current software. I feel like that’s a pretty obvious-seeming and uncontroversial statement to make.

And yet, every year around this time, I start crunching the numbers (and also crunching some crackers, as all that number-crunching can really make a fella famished) — and you know what I find? Almost inevitably, a shockingly large portion of the top-tier, top-dollar Android phones in the land are either still stuck on 18-month-old software or just recently got the update they should have gotten six months earlier.

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Source:: Computerworld