Microsoft pushes ‘in cloud’ settings collection to simplify PC management

Microsoft this week offered corporate customers a new set of configuration settings that it said  would create easier-to-manage PCs suitable for wide swaths of users, ranging from remote workers to students who needed little more than a browser and a handful of productivity applications.

Variously dubbed “in cloud” and “cloud config,” the collection of settings was pitched as a way to deploy standardized PCs equipped for the most basic tasks: browsing the web, using Office and running a limited number of business line apps.

“Microsoft sees an opportunity to empower organizations by providing a recommended configuration of Windows 10 for users with focused workflow needs,” Ravi Ashok and Stan White, senior program manager and principal software engineer, respectively, wrote in a setup guide. “Windows 10 in cloud configuration helps IT standardize and simplify management for these users.”

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Source:: Computerworld