How Microsoft Teams kept pupils learning during the UK lockdown

Last March, students and teachers across the UK suddenly found themselves banished from the classroom, facing the challenge of trying to emulate their educational experience from home.

As was the case for many office workers, teachers, pupils, and parents, were unable to avoid the stress caused by COVID-19 lockdowns. Students who should have been taking GCSE or A-Levels exams were concerned about what closed schools and cancelled assessments might mean for their future. And  parents had to juggle the dual responsibilities of home schooling and work.

Hugh Baird College in Merseyside, a college that provides further education courses and apprenticeships to more than 5,000 students, and Cognita Schools, a global private schools group that oversees 40 schools in the UK, are two institutions that have spent the last 12 months navigating the challenges of remote learning.

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Source:: Computerworld